The Origin of 8th Sin

The Origin of 8th Sin

With our new website comes a new blog, and what better way to start off than how 8th Sin began?
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8th Sin began in 2009 by an entrepreneurial but short of money 15 year old (Laura) who had just discovered alternative fashion and fell absolutely head over heels in love. Without the money to afford many clothes and accessories from the brands she found and loved, Laura used what little money she had, bought a jewellery making kit and starting making her own accessories. Surprisingly savvy and an avid Internet user, Laura realised she could try to sell the jewellery she had made, and if it didn't sell, she could just keep it for herself. She found Etsy, started her own online store, the jewellery sold, she used the profit to buy more supplies and expand what she made, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Laura dropped out of college (twice!) to pursue 8th Sin as a full time business, and started attending alternative sales events around the UK, finding a niche in comic conventions such as MCM London and Hyper Japan. With the support of her partner at the time, also a business owner, she was able to make 8th Sin a full time business around 2015. Inspired by designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui and Alexander McQueen, Laura turned her hand to fetish fashion, making chokers, harnesses, garter belts, ankle cuffs and more, offering both real and vegan leather options.


8th sin creations at London comic convention Hyper Japan, featuring costume jewellery.

Some of the 8th Sin costume jewellery at London Japanese culture festival Hyper Japan, 2015-2016. Spot any designs you want us to bring back?

8th Sin continues to evolve and grow, adding more staff and collaborators to the 8th Sin team, and becoming more of an alternative boutique, still with a focus on their own in-house designed and made items, whilst also supporting other independent alternative brands from around the globe such as Puvithel (Pennsylvania, United States), Closet of Alice (Tokyo, Japan), and Tokyomilk (Colorado, United States).

Post-pandemic has been tough for businesses but 8th Sin perseveres. We can't imagine doing anything else and are excited to see the next steps for 8th Sin, and will work hard to provide unique, high quality independent alternative fashion that is only outshone by our wonderful customers.
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