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Tokyomilk Dark - 38 Black Widow - Eau de Parfum 45ml

Tokyomilk Dark - 38 Black Widow - Eau de Parfum 45ml

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Venture into the unknown depths of allure with one of four daring new additions to our TokyoMilk Dark fragrance collection. Unveiling our darkest exploration into the charms of seduction. Dare to explore unexpected essences, crushed & distilled for a remarkably uncommon sensory experience. Delightfully dark fragrances with luxury packaging, this gothic perfume makes a perfect gift to your dark beloved, especially for birthday's, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

A daring blend of temptingly exotic notes, drawing in all those who come near. Wild and earthy, a top note of Scarlet Sage cunningly beckons while luscious Orange Blossom & Ylang Ylang bewitch with brilliant beauty, a final touch of rich Oakmoss tempers the soul of this mesmerizing fragrance. For those who like it just a shade darker.

Black textured box with a flash of red to match the scarlet sage top note and overall beguile of the perfume, and a black glass bottle with silver top.

Eau de parfum concentration level, for a long lasting scent that changes as the notes fall, mixing with your unique body chemistry to create a fragrance that is totally unique to you.

Box: 2.25" SQ x 4.75" H
Bottle: 1.25" SQ x 4" H

Fill Weight
1.6 fl oz / 47.3 ml

Cosmetic DMD
24 months

Please note we cannot ship fragrances internationally due to the flammable alcohol in them. If you place a combined order for our accessories and the perfume, we will refund the perfume and ship the other items.
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